Diego served a two-year civil servant term – August 2016 to November 2018 – as Italian Government Commissioner for Digital Transformation, reporting directly to the Prime Minister. In this role, Diego founded and scaled the Government Digital Transformation Team.

Digital Transformation Team

Diego led the Team during both Matteo Renzi / Paolo Gentiloni and Giuseppe Conte administrations. Diego was also a member of the Italian Government delegation at the G-20 meetings in Hangzhou, China (September 2016) and at President Obama’s State event for Italy in October 2016.

He led the innovation sessions of the G-7 ministerial meetings in Turin, Italy (September 2017) and,  in October 2017, he signed the Tallin’s Digital Declaration on behalf of the Italian Government in Estonia. During his tenure, he also represented the Italian Government in the EU e-government permanent steering committee.

He was a member of the Expert Advisory Group (EAG), a OECD’s 2-year project (2016-18) on “Going Digital: Making the Transformation Work for Growth and Well-Being”, to help policymakers better understand the digital revolution that took place across different sectors of the economy and society as a whole.

The operating system metaphor:

Government as a platform


The Italian Government Digital Transformation Team was created to build a series of fundamental components on top of which simpler and more efficient services for the citizens, the Public Administration and businesses, can be built.


Make public services for citizens and businesses accessible in the simplest possible way, utilizing mobile devices (a “mobile first” approach), with secure, scalable and highly-reliable architecture, based on clearly-defined application interfaces (APIs).

The Team worked on specific building blocks, technology enablers and guidelines:

A new generation of digital public services: io.italia.it

The breakthrough innovation is the creation of IO, the app that is gradually allowing citizens to interact with the Public Administration. In this way, the Team has paved the way in rethinking access to local and central government services for citizens.


Appointment as Commissioner

Diego Piacentini is appointed Italian Government Commissioner for the Digital Transformation.
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Birth of the Digital Transformation Team

A core team of highly skilled tech talents to work on the creation of “the operating system of the country” is born.
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Launch of Developers Italia

Developers.italia, the open community of developers to create, share and document source code around digital public services goes live.
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Relaunch of PagoPA

PagoPA, the digital payment platform for Italian public services is relaunched and enhanced in tech architecture, user interface and with mobile first approach to bootstrap large scale adoption.
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Launch of Designers Italia

Designers.italia, the open community of designers, to design, share and document design projects, UX / UI kits, user research and design tools for digital public services, goes live.
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Publication of the Three Year Plan

The Three Year Plan for the Digital Transformation of the Public Administration has been approved by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.
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Relaunch of ANPR

After years of struggle, ANPR, the single national database of demographic data of all Italian residents, is relaunched.
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Approval of the CAD

The Cabinet’s final approval of the legislative decree amending the CAD (Digital Administration Code) is effective.
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Launch of Docs Italia

Docs Italia, an open platform to collect, evolve and share tech documentation and guidelines for digital public services goes live.
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Publication of the design kits

Designers Italia presents the new kits to help design modern, simple digital services without having to reinvent the wheel every time.
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Publication of guidelines and tools for software acquisition and reuse

With the guidelines, administrations and departments know how and where to share software among each other using Developers Italia.
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Launch of io.italia.it

io.italia.it, the breakthrough innovation to gradually allow citizens to interact with the Public Administration, is launched.
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End of the mandate of Diego Piacentini

After two years Diego Piacentini leaves the role of Commissioner. Luca Attias succeeds him.
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IO app tested in beta version

Over 1,000 citizens downloaded and started to test IO.
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PagoPA becomes a State owned company

A State Owned Enterprise (SOE), operating under the supervision of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, is established to manage and ensure deployment at scale of pagopa, the digital payment platform for public services. The company inherited as well the execution of IO.
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Birth of the Government Department for Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation Team evolves into the Department for Digital Transformation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to make digital transformation a regular topic in government agenda.
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Publication of IO in stores

IO is published on the App Store and on the Play Store.

Start of “Bonus Vacanze” on IO

The “Bonus Vacanze”, a subsidy for citizens to support domestic tourism , is launched as the first of several services on IO.
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Start of Cashback on IO

As part of the “Cashless Italia” plan promoted by the Italian Government to reduce use of paper money, a 10% cashback on purchases with payment cards and apps registered on IO is initiated.
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Green Pass available on IO

IO becomes one of the channels on which COVID-19 Green Certification, also known as Green Pass, can be obtained
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First two years of Digital Transformation Team

This document contains a report of the activities carried out by the Italian Government’s Digital Transformation Team from September 16, 2016 to September 30, 2018, evolution of the strategy for the PA’s digital transformation drawn up in the Three-year Plan, as well as rethinking of digital public services for citizens and businesses

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