Innovation at heart, tenacity and courage are the traits of the top Italian entrepreneurs.

View Different has a positive bias towards Italy, the home country of Diego.

Italy, an undervalued entrepreneurial system, isĀ full of creative and innovative gems.

The Italian ecosystem has persistently recorded a lower number of venture capital investments compared to other European counterparts. In 2019, the number (amount) of venture capital deals was 194 ($ 0.8B)*, compared to 1.425 ($ 14.3B) in the UK, 444 ($ 6.6B) in Germany and 425 ($ 4.4B) in France.

The Italian industrial fabric is in fact full of highly innovative, qualified small and medium-sized enterprises, equipped with a skilled and talented workforce, with very strong and precious know-how in sectors like advanced manufacturing, fashion, fintech, food & beverage, pharma, space, supply chain, and robotics.

Those gems are good candidates for reshaping the sectors they operate in, both at the domestic and global levels. They successfully adopt new tech solutions and AI in their business processes and in their products.


*sources: Crunchbase and Startup Italia.